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11-year-old Child Bride Sentenced To 200 Lashes By Qatari Judge For Breaking Her Hymen While Riding Bicycle 

An 11-year-old girl, who has been promised in marriage by her parent to a 57 year old Qatari man receives 200 lashes for accidentally breaking her hymen while riding a bicycle, thus diminishing her “value as a bride” claims the future spouse. 

He told reporters his wife-to-be had “disgraced herself before “Allah” and had “shamed her family, his family and all her future descendants” after losing her virginity while riding a bicycle.

The judge also asked that the parents reimburse the future spouse who had previously offered a number of camels in exchange for the girl, claiming the plaintiff had inherited “damaged goods”.

“What is the worth of a camel, if it has only three legs?” argued the judge metaphorically.

By illegally riding a bicycle and losing her virginity, she has brought shame to her family and her husband-to-be,” he added.

“I hope all woman in this country will take this incident as a warning of the dangers and unintended consequences of riding a bicycle” he concluded.

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  1. This is the belief that UK emerged Biafra with,people that should be living in another world with huge wall of Jericho surrounding them!!!

  2. This is 100% fabricated story eithout any reference. No where in middleast virginity of a girl is judged by hymem. This story is just shame arabs.

    • Its not fabricated, she lost her virginity to a boy in her age group and then inflamed it by insinuating she were simply riding a bicycle, that’s insulting… The man should had accepted this fact and let the family keep the camels.. they obviously need them more. The judge further compounded this issue by physically punishing her instead of allowing her to seek allah’s forgiveness on her own accord but Because the judge knew she would not truly seek forgiveness, he had her punished. That was a mistake. She has been further alienated from her husband and now may never come to accept it.

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