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Being Gay Is Not A Sin – General Overseer Of Higher Life World Fellowship Says 

The General Overseer of Higher Life World Fellowship, in Akokwa, Ideato North Local Government Area in Imo State, has declared that being gay is not a sin.

In a series of post he made on Facebook, The pastor identified as Arinze Okoli Mmaduabuchi noted that he may be wrong, but then, God over everything.

Pastor Arinze Okoli Mmaduabuchi

He wrote; “Homosexuality is not sin as am led to say,I may be wrong but God’s everything. When I say gay is no sin, I mean sin is judged sin with no disparity’s, all men have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, but in grace sin is overlooked to count men righteous through faith even though they don’t qualify.”

He continued: “What is sin?According to James a disobedient of the law,or transgressions of the law, any man that wants the law is indebted to do the whole law, but Christ has abolished it and brought in liberty, in Christ no man is judge a sinner if he works in faith.

The issue here is can somebody be a gay christian. If men are judged sinners because of their orientation of sex,then all men are sinners in did.”

In my post on gay people,I said the act might not be sinful, is a revelation i had, didn’t say I might not be wrong but God judges all men under sin, that they might be justified by faith, that’s what the believe. Faith is the principal here because God grants you, your faith.

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  1. U be nama,Ewu sef better pass u!Fake pastor wey no de read him bible!What is sodommy?Why did God destroy sodom and gomorah?If I catch u eeenh

  2. Wanmanique Chukwumerijeh

    The guy’s fake!If he’s a GO,me to I don become GO alliance citizen fellowship against fake pastors!Sounds like he has never heard of sodom and gomorah before?i pitty for those he’s leading!i think he’s a gay too! Nya bu na o na etinye nwoke ibeya amu na ike,mobu kwanu na nwoke ozo naya etinye ya amu na ike nsi ya!Chukwu aju!Ndi mmuo

  3. Eze Ephraim

    Just to tell u he is a gay no two way about it

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