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Buhari, NEMA Abandon Benue Flood Victims To Their Fate 

So I called NEMA to arrange dropping off some clothes for Benue but was referred to their Lagos contact. When I called him,  he said he is in his village in Niger doing Sallah,  I should wait until Tuesday. Even then,  I need to write them a letter,  which has to be approved by the Abuja office before they can receive items because some people drop one bag of clothes and claim they dropped ten. He added that approval may take a week or two and let me know he doesn’t do official work on public holidays. 



It is easier to send help to Houston honestly. 

Me I have lost interest already oh…. 
Naija get iss…. 

How can a relief officer be saying he doesn’t pick official calls on public holiday?  Meaning distressed people don’t need help on those days or what? 

Anyway sha….

I have charity in Lagos that needs clothes too… 

I am livid. 

Olufunke Fasunon

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  1. Patrick Odiaka

    I didn’t want to slant this to ethnic non response from the federal government whose composition is Fulani’s or northerners in every strategic position qualified or not but I’ve to because the silence is deafening. Benue people don’t want to be addressed as northerners and are not Hausa for that they’re on their own. Anybody that can reason should’ve read between the lines since all the killings that has been going on there and the governments response of no response. Why is it that anybody should be surprised with the lukewarm response, the subtle message being sent to the people of Benue is swim or drown. Meanwhile, the president is preaching unity, that’s a dog whistle to his side of the estate. This is not a hate speech, just prove to me what I said is a fallacy.

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