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Check Out Another Famous American Man Who Turns Woman

Famous Singer, Gavin Russom has joined the increasing list of American celebrity turning themselves from men to women. 

Transgender is becoming more popular as famous actors, singers and influential personalities come out to express their acceptance of the surgical transition of gender. 

Russom was born in Providence, Rhode Island , in 1974. Expressing a profound interest in music from an early age. 
Russom search for unity between man, machine and translated into Russom designing and building custom analog synthesizers , both for his/her own music and for others. Known as “The Wizard” for her/his technical prowess, she/he has built instruments for many established record companies. 

After touring and recording with LCD Soundsystem last year, Russom took time off to focus on her own self-care, ultimately finding support in New York City’s large and diverse community of trans women. The step-by-step process has led Russom here. 

Her/his name carries clout in the electronic music world. Over the last two decades, Russom established herself by creating custom analog synthesizers. 

On July 13th, the eve of LCD’s headlining set at Pitchfork Music Festival, Russom will be DJ publicly for the first time as a trans woman during Femme’s Room, a popular monthly party celebrating femme and queer culture. Russom was asked to DJ the event, held at Chicago’s Berlin nightclub, before the organizers knew she was trans. “Having not said anything about my gender identity or transition, it felt like this amazing synchronicity,” she says, “one of those moments where the universe is tapping you on the shoulder, [saying], ‘It’s OK, it’s real.’”

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