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Gifty #BBNaija Is My Girlfriend – Mr 2Kay

In the past , whenever popular singer , Mr . 2 kay , was asked about his relationship with Gifty of Big Brother Naija, he only described her as his “very close friend ” . However ,
When Saturday beats caught up with the singer during the week and he finally opened up about his relationship with the light – skinned damsel and how they met .
“I do not womanise because I am a one man, one woman type of guy. Gift is my girlfriend and everybody should know about that . You see us together all the time and I never denied her for any reason . However I did not want to say so much because I did not want to say things that would make her go out of the house. However , she is my very good friend and we have been friends for a very long time . I had known her since 2013 and I knew her through my manager , Energy . We spoke on the phone several times before we became close. Then it was Blackberry that was in vogue, so we used to chat a lot and that was how I got to know her , ” he said .
Commenting on Gifty’ s performance at the recently concluded television show, he said that she over – played her strategy . The singer was quick to add that even though she did not win the prize money , his girlfriend is still a winner.
“Her performance at the Big Brother house was all a game and she had to do anything to get the money . That was her strategy but she actually overplayed it . We are all humans and we make mistakes which we can correct. I don ’ t know what I would have done if I was in her shoes, so I cannot judge her . I could have done worse things but the camera was not on me .
“It does not matter that she did not bring home the N 25m . She is still a winner and N 25m is nothing , I can tell you that it is nothing because I know I make more than that in less than three months from my music on Music Plus , so it is nothing, ” the singer said.
Taking a trip down memory lane, Mr . 2 kay said that things were not always rosy for him as there was a time he was a hawker in Rivers State .
“I sold kerosene , coconut and pure water on the streets before I made it in life . I also sold fish , periwinkle, and other sea foods , in Bonny Island in Rivers State to survive . While I was doing that , I was still singing , entertaining people to sell my goods . It was like a strategy for me , I used it to get their attention and also to patronise me . I am actually a church boy and I was a chorister in church. In 2010 , God answered my question and I got signed to Grafting Records . I am still with them. I sang ‘ Count it all joy , ’ for God because I cannot forget him and he has made me all I am today . I have another song coming out soon called ‘ Prayer. ’ I go to church regularly and pay my tithes. I also try to live a good life , I don’ t drink or smoke even though I am an ambassador to an alcoholic drink. These days , I just take a very little alcohol mixed with a lot of soft drink, ” the lanky singer said .

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