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Heavy Black Out To Hit Nigeria Soon – Reports

A Heralds NG post has it that a fresh report has indicated that Nigerians will soon be faced with one of the worst ever blackouts as the nationwide power generation has fallen below 3,000 megawatts.

The nation’s number of idle power plants was reported to have increased from its original number pegged at five to eight over the weekend.

The number of idle power plants as at Friday was reported to have been pegged at five but it increased to eight on Sunday.

The report stated that Nigeria’s power grid lost a total of 743.4 megawatts over the weekend leading the current production from 3,306.6MW on Friday to 2,632.4MW and 2,563.2MW on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

The report further revealed that the nation’s power generation as of Monday stood at below 3,000 megawatts and is pegged at 2,886.7 megawatts as of 6:00 am on Monday.

Idle power plants in the country according to the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing include Sapele II and Alaoji II, both not generating any megawatt and others include Afam IV & V, Gbarain II, AES, ASCO and Rivers IPP.

 Source: Herald NG


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