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Hillary Clinton And Her Nigerian Doctor Mix-Up

Hillary Clinton was said to have left the September 11, 2016 9/11 ceremonies in downtown Manhattan after becoming overheated; but we saw in this video, that apparently she was lifeless…
 You can see before the vehicle  came she was leaning on the dwarf pillar fence where she stood. She was then assisted by her aids, but the law enforcement agency says she was thrown as a beef into the van, she has since regained consciousness and gone back to her campaign trail


 The Complication

okunola oladotun

L-R Bill, Hillary, Madison Todd

This aid on the right of this picture and Hillary, Bill left, is the one that is referred to as Oladotun Okunola, whereas this is the real Oladotun Okunola, a Medical Director  At The American Board of Neurology And PsychiatryOkunola (1)

Do they look alike?

oladotun x todd
Oladotun Okunola                                                        Madison Todd

The proponent of the ‘Doctor rumour’ was Mike Cernovich, an author who however, didn’t imply that Clinton’s aide is from Nigeria he simply maintained that the former US secretary of state goes about with a private doctor, owing to the “medic badge” on his lapel.
Mike Cernovich

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