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Housewife falsely accuses businessman of attempted rape in Lagos

A businessman, Mark Davies, is demanding justice after allegedly being falsely accused of attempted rape by a woman, Chiamaka Hamzat, in the Wagbare Estate area of the Igbogbo-Bayeku Local Council Development Area of Lagos State.

PUNCH Metro gathered that trouble started between Mark and Chiamaka when the executive of the estate purchased a transformer to power the area and demanded money from each landlord before they could be connected.

In a bid to power his house, Mark, whose building is located about 400 metres away from an electric pole, reportedly paid the estate management and purchased a long wire, which was connected to the pole.

Chiamaka and her husband, Yusuf, were said to have approached Mark to connect to his wire after paying the fee demanded by the estate management.

Mark told PUNCH Metro that the reason the couple approached him was to avoid purchasing a long wire to connect to the pole, which is at a far distance away from their house, adding that after he agreed, they went behind him to connect another building.

The Rivers State indigene said, “It was when the current started fluctuating that I traced the wire and confirmed that they had connected another building without informing me. I told Chiamaka to inform her husband to disconnect the other building, because two of my television sets had developed faults as the power was fluctuating, but they refused; so, I personally disconnected the two buildings.

“Unsatisfied with my action, Chiamaka and her husband reported me to the Wagbare Estate CDA executive and they all visited me at home and during the meeting, I told them that I could not please them at my own expense. Our conclusion at the meeting was that they should buy their wire and connect directly to the pole.

“They were not happy with the conclusion and since then, Chiamaka had been abusing me whenever she saw me passing, but I always ignored her. But on February 28, 2020, after the school bus took my kids to school, I was returning home when she accosted me and poured a bucket of water on my body. I became annoyed and told her that I would get her arrested.

“She held on to my clothe, tore it and cut my necklace, but unknown to her, I was recording the assault. I never touched her and I have recordings of the incident. I left her and went home to avoid further trouble and went to hospital to treat myself because I was sick.”

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