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I believe in Biafra – Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo is a major political figure of the Ijaw ethnic group in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He was president of the Ijaw Youth Council for a time beginning in 2001 and later founded the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force which became one of the most prominent armed groups operated in the Niger Delta region.

The Leader Of Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujaheed Asari Dokubo and his Delegates arrives Biafra Seat of Power, New Owerri on 29th September 2020 for 30th September of Biafra internal government national executive meeting to accord the support of the entire South South people to the Biafra government.

The Edi Abali, Asari Dokubo declared that he believed on the Biafra declared on the 30th of May 1967 and that Biafra includes the people of Efik, Ijaw, Igbo, Ibibio, Anang, Oron, Ogoni, that’s the people of Old Eastern Region.

Asari Dokubo reacted as a result of the father of nation, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike who still maintains his stance when he was addressing the mammoth crowd at Biafra seat of power that Nigeria will be divided into six republics and the six republics will represent six geopolitical zones. “No political zone will be the servant of any other, ” Uwazuruike stated.

“But if we must work together, it must be by agreement and consensus where everybody must respect the other. Between 1967-1970, the entire Eastern region was one region, that is Biafra. Now, things have changed, we have to respect each other, the component parts of each other and whoever that is talking must know what he talks.

“Don’t bring bad blood and feelings to destroy our struggle. We must respect Ijaw, Ibibio, Anang, we must respect Edo. We must respect the entire Niger Delta, entire South South.
“We will not say that Ijaw is Igbo, Edo is Igbo, this is Igbo. It is not true, Ijaw is Ijaw, Edo is Edo, Itshekiri is Itshekiri “, as he introduced the leaders of the three organs of Biafra internal government to Asari Dokubo including with the ministers of the government.

Uwazuruike also revealed the three pillars or sections of Nigeria that any day any of these sections disagree with Nigeria, Nigeria is gone that day. If anything happens to these three important pillars of Nigeria. Nigeria will collapse that the same day and they are Lagos, Niger Delta(Rivers and Bayelsa to be precise) not NDDC and Abuja.

But if anything happens to South East, Nigeria will not collapse that is why I said when Oduduwa Republic delegates came here. I told you people that they are the game changers. And there is nothing anybody can do about it, it is natural. These are the key game changers. Our own America in this struggle is like Lagos and Niger Delta.

South East made no impact to Nigeria economy because South east GDP is less than 8%. Even if we do sit at home 200 times, we are going nowhere. Continue dancing on the internet like a clown and they will be looking at you and be laughing. Even if all your supporters be dancing and protesting on the streets of Europe and America singing all hail Biafra, it does not make any impact to them because you are clowns.

“The narrative has changed, for the first time vice president is saying that Nigeria has crack. Yorubas have not started their own just only pronouncement, then what about if Niger delta joins. These are the game changers,” Uwazuruike added.

Ijele Ndigbo described Asari Dokubo as a very very great man to Niger delta, a great man to Nigeria and a great man in the whole world. And when i see some gullible people insult him on the internet, I laughed. Because they don’t know what they are doing. If you want to get Biafra and you don’t have somebody like Asari Dokubo. It means you are dreaming.

“We were working together, he has been to my place so many times and i have been to his own place too. Along the line, somebody came out and said he will get Biafra in 3 months. Then Asari Dokubo called me and asked what is happening and I assured him, let us give this new masquerade a chance.

Analogically, Uwazuruike said if a woman that has lived with her husband for 10 years without pregnant and sees a pastor that promised her pregnancy under 3 months. The woman will give the pastor a chance. Since that day till now, making it 10 years, the pastor has not given the woman belle(pregnant). We have given the pastor so many years and he didn’t give the woman belle(pregnant). “Now we came back so that he will not say that nobody gave him time,” Uwazuruike said.

“Once again, Asari Dokubo is here, the important thing is that nobody is more Biafran than the man here i .e Asari Dokubo. Two of us went to prison the same time, two of us have gone to prisons soo many times and none of us has run away in Nigeria. All of us are still in Nigeria. We shall start from where we stopped. The way things are happening today, I told you. I said when Biafra will come, Ndigbo will play no role, father of nation concluded.

In his own reactions, the Edi Abali, Asari Dokubo firstly charged and lifted the spirit of the great Bim-Massob members with a freedom song of my brother don’t you worry, my sister don’t you worry. If I happen to die in the battle field, never worry we shall meet again.

Dokubo stated that Uwazuruike, his senior brother has always made him humble as he described himself an Ijaw man and Igbo man but not all Ijaw people are Igbos but i am an Igbo man. And I have never denied been an Igbo man. But I will not allow someone to say that all Ijaw people are Igbos. I am Edi Abali and it is not my name, it is name of my ancestors.

I don’t believe that Ijaw people can go it alone. I believe that we can all, it is when we join our strengths together, when we join our hands together, when we hold each other together, that’s when we will win.

I believe in Biafra 100%. I am a Biafra 100%. I don’t believe in Niger delta republic or South South. I told my people to their faces and am telling you my dear brothers to your face. Igbos cannot win it alone, Ijaw cannot win it alone, Efik cannot win it alone, Ibibio cannot win it alone, Anang cannot win it alone. It is our collective strength, the totality of our power we will use to crush the enemy. When the enemies shall come like flood, they are hovering like a flood against us, the enemy is here, is not far away, is in Owerri here, is in Port Harcourt, is in Yenegoa. But when he will brow whistle, i will rise, a standard will be lifted up against them.
As Asari ordered the great Biafrans to be on their feet if they are going to be the standard and sang my brother don’t you worry freedom song three times to prepare their minds for the next one more river to cross for Biafra sovereignty.

Asari Dokubo continuing: let us not to be distracted by anybody. Anybody who does not want us to come together is not in the Biafra struggle. Anybody who insults Biafrans, insults part of the Biafran struggle.

“We are moving on to freedom and there is nothing that is going to stop us. It is very close. We shall hold hands, they will beg us to be free.

“They brought Boko Haram, they brought their herdsmen, they brought RUGA, they brought water resource act. All the evils in this world, they manufacture it. But they are not going to stop us from this great mass liberation. We are not going to make the mistakes of our fathers made. Dokubo assured the members of BIM-MASSOB that Biafra is here for three times.

continuing :”How are we going to do, for 10 years, for 15 years we have been doing Biafra, we have been praying for Biafra, we have been fasting for Biafra and we have been killed also in millions for Biafra. This is the last last of the struggle. I want every one of us to know, let us not begin to count those things that divide us. Let us look at the things that unite us. It is not everybody that will be involved in this fight and in this struggle. They told us Goodluck was not good and they removed Goodluck. Are they better than us? Asari queried the crowd and response of No from audience ranted the air. My brothers and sisters, to achieve Biafra, we need our collective strength. You are stronger than me. You are underestimating your power. You are more powerful than both of us (Asari Dokubo and Uwazuruike’s) seating together. We need the collectivity strength of any one of us here and that is when enemy will be afraid of us.

“The enemy only came to kill and destroy but he will not be able to kill you and me because we have dedicated ourselves to this struggle of justice for the freedom of our people.

“let me tell you, the reason why anybody that comes to shout about Biafra, i will listen to him is because an injury to one is an injury to all but some people think that when you come to their aid in their affairs of crisis means you have surrounded to them.

Asari Dokubo made Biafrans to understand that those that believe in one Nigeria are the ones suffering it more as he recounts many humiliations they received from their Northern counterparts before they get any jobs /favours from Nigeria.

Asari Dokubo revealed by summarising on how Nigeria is structured to work to Biafrans, saying : “Let me tell you how Nigeria works, Sariki Hausa 1 of Owerri will go to Imo state government house and take away home with ghana must go bag of money, Sariki Hausa 1 of Yenegoa will go to government house and take home ghana must go bag of money but Eze Ndigbo of Kano will take his ghana must go bag of money to government house and give their governor, that’s how Nigeria works. Sariki Hausa 1 of Port Harcourt will go to government house and me, I will go. They will not attend to us but Sariki Hausa 1 will take home with ghana must go bag of money to his house and when Eze Ndigbo of Kano will go to their government house, they go along with their own ghana must go bag of money and gifts and kneel down begging them with his gifts. That’s what they do. That’s how Nigeria works.

“Biafra will be free, it will be a free country. We are not going to Victimize on anybody. Every Biafra whatever crime you committed. When Biafra comes, there will be a period of reconciliation and restitution. It is only those who do not want to come to Biafra government that the law will be affected. Any Biafra who comes will be pardoned and be allowed to contribute his or her strength to freedom and growth of Biafra. So we need the collective strength of all of our people to make Biafra.

“I believe on the Biafra declared on the 30th of May 1967, that’s the Biafra i know and that Biafra includes Efik, Ijaw, Igbo, Oron, Ibibio, Anang, Ogoni etc. If others want to join us, they are free to do so.

“Nobody believes that Biafra 1967-1970 is going to be today, no. Everybody is afraid in the world. Almighty United States will be talking today and Iran too will be talking.

The Edi Abali, Asari Dokubo in his conclusion charged the mammoth crowd with the song of freedom of one more river to cross, one more river to cross, one more river river to cross and one more river to cross.

We just have one more river to cross as he told everybody to tell the next person behind him or her that we have one more river to cross that they should not be tired and relented over this last river to cross towards Biafra sovereignty. He finally sealed it with Nzogbu Nzogbu Enyi Biafra Enyi, Nzogbu Nzogbu Enyimba Enyi as he danced to stage floor of Biafra seat of power for 10 minutes with people to brave them up for the same one more river to cross before going back to his seat.

The father of Biafra nation, Chief Dr. Ralph Uwazuruike hugged the Edi Abali, Asari Dokubo as he was coming back to take his seat and said to the members of BIM-MASSOB executive saying : “You can not have it better than this. This is typical Edi Abali. I don’t want to spoil the mood. He has told you everything, isn’t it? We shall go to work as he dismissed the meeting with closing prayer from Rev Fr. Samuel Aniegbunam.

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