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Your Ideal Man Does Not Have To Be Taller Than You

Forget all the relationship cliches and societal pressures. Your ideal man does not have to be taller than you.

Why should you ditch the taller guy rule and date a short man- who might even be shorter than you?


According to Cosmopolitan, here are four reasons why:

Bucking Societal Norms

Quite likely, a guy that is cool with you being taller than him will be cool with other things in your relationship that does not go in line with  societal norms.


For example, if he has the mentality to be unbothered with your height, then, it is quite reasonable to conclude that he will most likely have no qualms with you gaining a promotion along the line, and earning more than him.

You’ll Dramatically Expand Your Dating Pool


Many women are predisposed to cutting off a guy’s chances once he does not meet their height requirement. For many, it does not matter how amazing the guy is, once that requirement is not met, they are no longer interested. There is a receding number of honest, ideal men out there. Finding a guy that is socially, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually compatible with you is pretty hard.

So, by relaxing that height rule you’ve mentally set, you could greatly increase your chance of meeting, and vibing well with one of them.

They Do More Housework

Actor Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

According to a 2014 study from the America’s National Bureau of Economic Research, shorter men are more likely to help with chores than tall ones.

Short Men Are Least Likely To Divorce

Finally, the paper showed that divorce rates were 32 percent lower for short men compared to that of men who are 6ft and above.


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