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Lady Exposes Fraudulent Facebook Lawyer 

Sonia Sonee Writes 

Many of you who are close friends to me on Facebook or outside Facebook know i am a strong advocate against Rape,Molestation and Child Abuse.

You also know this because I have shared my own story of child abuse openly as that was a stage in my healing process.
I joined DPA (Due process advocates) because i felt that the Barrister there was Genuine. I fought the cause of that group genuinely. So you can imagine my joy when i was made an admin.I felt he was doing people in Distress a huge favour and Women who didn’t have a voice because of their gender
Along the line,people began to visit my inbox with stories.It’s either they were defrauded or that Barrister Emeka Ugwonye was preying on innocent vulnerable women who came for legal help.

Emeka was always in the news for the wrong reasons.

It’s either he defrauded someone or he has released a photoshopped Nude of someone or he is asking women ,I mean married women who seek his help to have sexual relations with him.Now,When i hear these stories,I go straight to him and say “XYZ said this”.He never gives an answer worthwhile.

It’s either they are enemies of DPA or that they hate him or They are from David  Aiyedoghon or loretta onochie.
Emeka contacted me and told me he wanted me to be his Media Rep.I sent him my CV and he asked that I come to his office which i did. I had spoken to someone who advised that i record our conversation and make a video.So I took my spy camera and off I went.

Immediately I got into his office,The first question he asked me is if I was happy in marriage 🤤.That he likes me.I told him that I am and with the kind of man I married,I will always be.

I started to advice him.I told him to stop being in the media for the wrong reasons and that I was going to give him a girlfriend so that he can stop being a Mockery with different women saying “He wants to date me”

He agreed.He gave conditions for the women.
I spoke to a Few confidants on Facebook and my fear was confirmed.I was dealing with a Retard.I went to my drawing Board and started to dot my “I(s)” and cross my T(s). No normal person Thrives in bad controversies except a man who has inferiority complex and is psychotic in Nature.
Now DPA is a group made up of atleast 250k+ Individuals and these individuals are requested to pay 6k naira for registration to enable them get help where ever ,whenever.I never paid.🤣.I started to question what I know long ago. We had this Little group we formed called Power house where contributions were made for children.we made Tshirts and also planned to print books for them and Vist schools to teach them about Child Abuse. The group became Dormant because Emeka removed the Key Admin of that group who by the way was a strong supporter Ephraitah Peters
A man lost his son in the hands of the police.Emeka advised that he pays his 6k before he can handle the case.After paying 6k,the case has gone cold with no help for that man and justice for the boy.
Sometime in April or so,A lady by the name Chimdi uzozie contacted me.Apparently She wanted a Divorce on the grounds of violence.I refered her to Emeka.We spoke on phone and facebook call and she said we should meet.it never happened and i couldnt reach her. 

Weeks later,her husband contacted me and told me Emeka was trying to sleep with his wife.I couldnt believe it,So i asked for his wife’s password to access her account with her Gmail log in too. To my total disbelief,Emeka was making a fool of himself in the inbox of a married woman.The husband started threatening him while sending out info to the whole world.He accused me of trying to hook his wife up with Emeka.Infact he said that is how we sleep with him.Apparently,chimdi went and showed the mesaage to her husband after they had reconciled. I knew the truth.i saw with my own eyes. He made a post to his gullible followers about it and i just laughed.He accused Amanda chisom but he knew he was lying.
Ephraitah reached out to me and told me that Emeka asked that monies contributed outside be paid into his account.I told her not to Dare.I told her to reach out to these women who contributed first. He fought like a thief for 198k.I was so ashamed.The women wanted their monies sent to Different Orphanages.He wanted the money so bad,I began to wonder.

He called Ephraitah a Fraud.Then the women on the group fought against his outburst and name calling asked that the monies from Dpa be accounted for. I lent my voice.”ACCOUNT  for DPA FUNDS.If 50,000 people registered,That is 300million naira.Has Emeka done any case that has reached that amount?Has he handled any case that reached a conclusion?

1)Aluu 4-Contibutions were made

2)Chacha(Ghost series)

3) Ivie Imobhio 
I became an enemy.So he has tried unending to pull me down.He talked about my battle with depression.

Emeka called and boasted that he killed someone and got away with it ,That he will assasinate me execution style.When that was Not working,He started to cook up lies.
Ogechi Stella Njoku became an enemy and Emeka went and shamed her with her status on DPA.SoWhat she is positive,We love her just the way she is.She is a million times a better woman than you will ever be .When you click on her name,she doesnt have dirt falling off her track record.Emeka tell me one good thing about you on google?Just because she spoke up.
Dear Emeka Ugwuonye,

I dare you .I am Fearless. Yes i was molested .so what?i am better than you.I now coach young girls who have been abused.I came out strong.I am better than my yesterday.I am married to the Cutest man on earth😍😋🤑(Argue with phone) who loves me unconditionally.i wake up to the full package of awesomeness.I am wrapped in the arms of finely built Man with lips to Die for.I am the Mother to the most Adorable kids on earth. My own heavenly  package and guess what?I wasn’t trained in Harvard.I am comfortable. I believe in the santity of marriage.I believe in keeping my body in tact as it is a gracious temple. 
You?You are worse everyday.Blackmailing everyone who crosses your path.I was born by a Lioness ,so I cant be a pussy Cat.Just in one week,you have blackmailed people,going from inbox to inbox. 

Searching for Enemies where there are none.You are your Number one enemy.You are your own downfall.

You prey on the helpless and poor with no voice.

You prey on Helpless women in need of help and vulnerable women who need a voice.
You took the sacred cause of fighting against injustice for women and Men and you have twarted it for your own selfish Gain. Probably,that is why you have been married 3times and divorced 3 times. You prey on the weaknesses of women who come to you for help.When they refuse to continue in your lies,You start fabricating stories and gathering Dirt. A woman comes to you for help and you go to the highest bidder.you find out that her husband is richer and can afford to pay you your frivolous fees,You side line the woman and go to her husband while perpetrating your evil.
See Emeka,You can fight me but when you bring in my Husband or Father then you will have me to contend with. I can’t blame you much.You do not have the slightest idea what being a Responsible Father is.You Do not have the slightest Idea what being a responsible  Husband is .So it is a natural phenomenon with you.

You spray Expensive perfumes to hide your Bad  character and Dementia. Your own sister called you a Devil.You wanted her to die so that you can take over her properties as you were her lawyer.

A woman left her property in your care and Died,what did you do?You took the properties ,sold them off and said she was your fiancee who died and was owing you.  YOU SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. 
So Emeka,

1)Release the full account for DPA. Show proof of monies that came in with proof of how they went out.Proove to the world that you arent a con man.Account for DPA funds.Proof all your alleged enemies wrong
2)You say Chimdi Uzozie was a clone account,Unblock that contact and show the world your inbox.Show the  world that you didnt try to Date a married woman who in her state of anger ,tried to get  a divorce.
3)Proove all you have said about my father. If you cant then you as empty as a Barrel.
4)Where is the money we contributed for the pregnant woman?You didnt give her.
I am attaching my chat with him and then i will upload a video of my visit to his coweb ridden office that almost gave me an Asthmatic attack.
Note:Emeka admits to chatting with the said woman but he told his followers that someone cloned his account.So if the Account was cloned,How comehe admits to chatting with her?
I call on all the women Emeka is blackmailing,Come forth and Expose his messages to you.This must stop.Enough is enough. 
If also you have a friend who has HIV please let her contact me or ogechi njoku.We have a safe haven for them. They will learn alot and see people who are positive but are living their lives to the fullest.

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