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Rivers Assembly Man Recounts Ordeal With Rotimi Amaechi, Expresses Appreciation After Victory

Hon. Kelechi Gosdspower Nwogu (RSHA Member Representing Omuma State Constituency)

The Rivers State election petitions appeal tribunal   sitting in Abuja on September 28, 2016, upheld the election of Hon. Kelechi Godspower Nwogu an elected member of the State’s House of Assembly representing Omuma state constituency.

The Honorable has therefore taken to social media to appreciate his people that stood by him and as well recount previous ordeals the Minister of Transport Rotimi Amaechi.  His statement

My Appreciation For The Journey So Far…I’m Truly  Humbled

Let me use this opportunity to thank God Almighty, my family and the people of Omuma for their steadfastness and unwavering support over these years. It has been a long and uneasy journey, the part has been rough, difficult and challenging but with love, one heart and resilience we weathered-the-storm.

We started this journey together in 2011 when you freely gave me your mandate to represent you in the State Assembly. A revered mandate I carried dearly up until the crises that rocked the Assembly in 2012, where I was almost lynched by the “Maze fighter” Chidi Lloyd, Amaechi and his army of security men. For refusing to do the bidding of the then Governor Amaechi, which were clearly against the interest of my constituents, I was made a scapegoat. I was taunted and reduced to a mere floor member; a bench warmer who is not even allowed to vote let alone contribute or lend a voice to issues in the Hallowed Chamber.

For 3 years all my legitimate entitlements were denied me; my salary and allowances were seized, no official vehicle, no constituency project was approved or situated in my constituency. They tried everything within their reach to bring us down, but just like the Israelites they could not stop us, we stood together and conquered. We believed in our abilities and survived their persecution for the final 3 years of a 4-year tenor.

In all, with my personal effort, I managed to bring electricity to about 3 communities spanning over 6 Kilometers with High / Low tension Lines and Transformers. Just to ensure that we remain united and happy, I also managed to sustain the annual football competition I initiated, where our youths are given the ample opportunity to showcase their talents to National and International Soccer Scouts; to the admiration of the likes of Nwankwo Kanu, JayJay Okocha etc.

In April 2015, again, you freely and willingly gave me your mandate to go back to the same Assembly. This time, the expectations were even higher, I was very ready and spirited to keep Omuma in the limelight and attract to us as many dividends as possible this democracy has to offer.

Then again they continued with their distraction gimmicks by constituting a Tribunal in Abuja and dragging us there. So much energy, time and resources was dissipated in that exercise and they managed to send us back to the polls thinking they will be able to brake us and steal our mandate through a re-run.

On the 19th of March 2016, the very day of the re-run election, they besieged our L.G.A. with Army, Police, DSS, NSCDC and all sorts of arm carrying and non-arm carrying; uniformed and non-uniformed men in their thousands to harass, intimidate, arrest, maim and do what ever it takes to get them rig the election. But we came out in our thousands, armed with our PVCs and resisted them. And our God given mandate returned to us.

But it was not yet uhuru, just because they must get power by all means and at all cost, they opened a fresh chapter of the Abuja Tribunal, tried to purchase power through the back doors. But they forgot that power only comes from God and he who God has put up, no man can bring down. They distracted us and wasted much of our valued time; yet again we stood together in truth and with God on our side, we defeated them and our mandate was reaffirmed.

Now I am left with barely 2 years to work; 2 years to account for the mandate you gave me; 2 years to make good laws that will improve our economy and re-position for better the lives of the Omuma people and Rivers State at large. It is a daunting task, but not one that I am afraid to carry. The challenges are high, but higher is my courage and will. Together we shall overcome and together we shall succeed.

Special thanks to my Legal team, who by their share hard work and professionalism, we are here today.
Once again I say a resounding thank you to all of you who in one way or the other; by your prayers, wishes words of encouragement, etc made this journey so far a success. May the good Lord continue to bless and protect us all in Jesus name…Amen.

Hon. Kelechi Godspower Nwogu.
Member Representing Omuma Constituency,
Rivers State House of Assembly

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