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Man Who Sold Kidney For iPhone 6 Now Sells Off His Brain To Buy iPhone7

Even as news of people selling their spare kidneys for purchasing iPhone and Cold play tickets is getting increasingly common, Tashani Yadav, a hardcore Apple fan who had sold his kidney to purchase iPhone 6 a couple of years back, now sold his brain to buy the new iPhone 7.

Tashani is a call center employee who earns Rs. 10,000 per month and lives in a 1BHK apartment along with 12 flat mates. He believes that having an iPhone is a basic necessity for a human being and he just can’t imagine a healthy life without it. Tashani, who eats a pack of Parle-G for lunch and maggi for dinner, claims that after buying the new IPhone he is respected so much more for his intelligence by his friends and colleagues than he did when he had a brain.

“iPhone is different from other phones. It has so many features which Nokia and Samsung phones do not have, such as camera, WhatsApp and speakers. While I can list many more, the most important feature of an iPhone is that it helps you write ‘Sent via iPhone 7’ under mails and messages,” said Tashani, while sending a message to his dad asking him to transfer more money to his bank account.

“Plus if you are an apple user you are different from others. It’s like having a Mercedez while your friend has a hatchback. It’s an obvious necessity like water and air,” he added, simultaneously disconnecting a phone call from his credit card’s recovery agent.

The craze of IPhone is limited not just to call center employees. Tashani’s friend Shosha Chauhan who has been preparing for Roadies for the last 3 years after dropping from school has exchanged his brain for iPhone 7 as well. Like Tashani, he too felt that his brain is the most underutilized body part and he could exchange it for an iPhone 7 which would make him a dude among his friends, which is all that matters.

Apple, meanwhile, gave a lukewarm reaction to the news. “Well, it’s no big deal. People do it all the time every time an Apple product is launched. Selling an organ is just one means to buy an iPhone,” shrugged a spokesperson from the company.

When our reporter asked Tashani and Shosha how they plan to purchase iPhones in the future now that they are already short of some key organs, Shosha said, “Dimag hi to diya, abhi se apna vote thode hi baech diya [We have only sold our brains, not our votes]. I guess we will now have to wait every five years to upgrade our iPhones.” Shosha and Tashani then picked the paper and started scouring for news of freebies that politicians have promised before the UP elections.

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