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Meet 50 Years Old Man Who Stopped Growing Since He Was 5

As a toddler , there was nothing to distinguish Basori Lal from his peers , and it was only around age five that his family started to notice that he had stopped growing .

However , because they were poor , his family could not seek medical attention to at least know what was wrong with him, and to also see if the situation could be treated .

As reported by MailOnline , Basori was never given a medical diagnosis , and to this day, his relatives have no idea what caused him to be so short .

His 55 – year – old elder brother , Gopi Lal, said : “ Nobody was able to take him to a doctor. We are poor people , I am a labourer. Where would I take him?”

As Basori grew older , he encountered some tough times and experienced some bullying in his village , but thankfully , those days are past.

He said : “ People used to bully me a lot. They used to call me an alien . But that time is gone now . I am the only one who is being loved by the villagers .”

Now, at the age of 50 , Basori lives with his brother Gopi and Gopi ’ s wife , Satia.

The 50 – year – old works in a factory with his relatives, and says he enjoys a glass of whiskey every night before bed. He has never married and says he doesn ’ t want to .

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