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Nigerian Pageantry Shows: The Secrets Behind The Crown

Beauty Pageantry in Nigeria has become too much of an incessant tradition. Every Cindy, Susan and Sandra out of excessive desperation go unimaginable miles to acquire crowns just to bear the name “QUEEN”, not giving a thought about what the end result of there desperate measures could turn out to be.

The organizers on the other hand haven seen how hungry for fame these set of girls are, leverage on their desperation in litany of ways, ranging from cash extortion and sexual exploitation,  this was seen in the popular Miss Anambra Pageant where the winner ended up getting her image ruined after a sex tape of her and a fellow contestant got released on the internet by her sponsors because she went against their terms.

There are countless other issues around the modeling industry that never went public and are capable of discouraging parents from allowing their children be a part of.

This is why there are modeling agencies who groom and manage these models, but it never gets rosy always as some of these agencies lack the right vision to move such organization, so they end up confused and dubious when the center can no longer hold, and on the long run the girls are either traded with the high and mighty in the society or become the sex toys of theses agency operators.

The model is supposed to be a tool to drive brands exposure,  that is her job, they are made to take over  the billboards, add glamour on pages and covers of Magazines, use their beauty to drive purposeful missions that will better the society they’re found in through their pet projects.

But today, an average model is often used as sex tool for politicians and other big boys in the city especially the so called sponsors of the pageant after they must have extorted huge sums of money from the girls at the point of registration, thereby promising them heavens and earth as winning prices which they hardly redeem at the end of the shows.

This act is very wrong, every young girl aspiring to become a model should be conscious of these unscrupulous pageantry organizers that want to change their destinies into what they didn’t plan for.

Sponsors of pageants should have brands that these beauty queens will advertise for on billboards, magazines, televisions, blogs and not to have them as sex toys.

There are so many beauty queens in our cities today, but very few are working, all they do is appear at events with their sash, flood our social media timelines with face times and stunning photos that should have been used for an advert on a billboard.







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