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Nigerians Term Andy Uba’s Defection As Political Prostitution, Say GEJ May Move To APC Soon

The news of Senator Andy Uba who is representing Anambra South Senatorial zone under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), defecting to the All Progressives Congress (APC), has stirred great debate all over social media.

Nigerians have reacted to the development, with many terming the move as political prostitution, and others expressing fears that someday they may wake to the news that even ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has defectd to the Buhari-led camp.

Below are more things said by Nigerians regarding the defection of Senator Andy Uba.

Rolland Henry Eriki says: “Its cos he wants to contest for the governorship position. He thinks its only APC that can defeat Obiano of APGA. Politicians with selfish interest.”

Ezeoke Justina joins in the discourse, saying: “Those igbos in APC are the greedy rich igbo fools that are never satisfied with what they have rather they become blind to truth so far something gets into their pockets.Trace their origin,they are not truly igbo men.”

Ewarawon Ade Philix Aboy opines thus: “That’s politics! Just wondering why some Igbo believe that PDP is owned by IGBO while APC is owned by HAUSA.”

“Party belongs to all Nigerians and not to any tribe!,” Ewarawon stressed.

Adeshewa Bakare said: “Well! I don’t blame them, ojukwu contested in 2003 and 2007 and he did not win any south east state…..may be those politicians don’t believe their people bcs money answereth all things”

Tony Ekpe said: “Political sycophants, are you entering a dead party, and under what capacity, what the achievement of APC today in Nigeria, you are complete vision less, a disgrace to the Anambrans, and lgbo entity,, a complete failure.”

Iloba Okwuose aired his view saying: “He has never bn a politician,bside,i said it bfore that igbo politician are beggers on d street,looking for what to eat and tomorrow will come they will say we want to rule nigeria,for where?”

Jude Obinna said: “All of the fools are joining APC to unseat Osinbajo in 2019 but God will put all of them that want to be vice president to shame”

Peter Angel said: “Whatever chasing them from PDP maybe Only God. I am not be a politician but i wants PDP to rejoice for their betrayers are been exposed.”

Destroyed Prince Aliyullah noted that: “We’re expecting more! I have a good feeling that Nnamdi Cownu also will thrashes biased fraud and join APC. Amen”

Kingsley Iyke Njoku said: “Apc is God’s choosen party, thank God Igbos are now seeing it.”

Paul Dominics was of a rather controversial view, claiming that “Igbo politicians are useless.” further stressing that “sincerely, they are not organized”.

Musa Galadima said: “Let the so call kanu join him before the train leaves Anambra to Bayelsa to catch the big fish.(GEJ)”

John Victor Eni was of the opinion that “The IBO’s are political traitors,Nigeria forbid their emergence with the group politicians they have now.”

Godfrey Adams Olokpo said: “The last time I checked, Akpabio said plans has been perfected for APC Senators to defeat to the PDP. We are watching.”

Ezenwafor David noted that “Hausa/fulani promising some igbo idiotic elites empty 2023 presidency to sabotage the Biafran struggle. Well, biafran youths have taken a stand.”

Ezeme Nnamdi was of the opinion that the politicians are joining APC to forgive their sins. He noted that they will “comeback with shame like Ekwunife”.

Tunji Abiona said: “This is interesting! Decamping to the party he label Islamic party! He may probably become apc presidential flag bearer in 2023”

Chidi Craig urged Nigerians to: “Watch his political career in Anambra state die off. These guys are now lepers in Anambra state”

Sylvester Osadiaye said: “Politician they are like ashawo so set of greedy people can me sit down let him eye the sit thief”

Amb Aliu Olalekan Abayomi said: “More people are on their way. Handwriting is boldly written on the wall.”

Obasi Eke Eme was of the notion that “A Frog Does Not Run In The Day Time In Vain;something Is After It.Uba Is One Of The Thieves.”

Okechukwu Okeke said: “Nigerian politicians are like prostitutes, they have neither political ideology nor conviction. They in it for the loot and follow any party in power to ensure the loot will continue to flow.”

Marian Jaja Egwoh said: “The caption should be political prostitution. Yes becos they re after their pocket. That is to tell you the type of ppl we call the elite in Nigeria. Am glad those bad eggs re leaving pdp. They re the once causing hardship to Nigerians cos of their greedy. Ndi ara eberibe.”

Tunde Tunde said: “They are all running away from being probe we know it otherwise what is the different between APC and PDP, the same criminals running to hide in APC.”

Amechi Amah said: “These are people who want to rule the people by all cost, just for personal interest. Rulership is different from leadership. Unfortunately, they will continue to fail. They are political prostitutes who want to overload their pockets.”

Adding: “You want to lead the people, stay put, pay the price and you will scale through.”

Kemakolam Jonathan Eboh was of the opinion that “Two Party System is the best for this country. With it irresponsible politicians could be retired because the Electoral Law will ban them from cross carpeting. Freedom of association as enshrined in our constitution shouldn’t apply to them otherwise our Democracy will be in danger.”

Onyebuchi Patrick Ikekamma said: “Cheap politicians are like Cameleon. They are constantly changing colours. All that glitters is not gold.

These are hawkers, Nnamani, Rochoas. Iwuanyanwu, Orji Uzo and you can name them. Igbos are not cultured. They are now beggar politicians. It’s unfortunate.

There is nothing like Igbo philosophy nor Igbo identity. No wonder Nnamdi Kanu is a martyr.”

Wisdom Asuquo Asuquo said: “They have deceived Igbo again. Look if Igbos are not united and form strong opposition to the Nigerian government ,they will never rule Nigeria again”

Segun Anifowose said: “It clearly shows how unreliable an average Nigerian politician could be. It also shows how myopic they are when it comes to political ideology. It equally shows their moral bankruptcy.'”

Samuel Gimba noted that “There is nothing dynamic in nigeria politics, nigeria politics is worst in africa and the world at large, because nigeria politicians lack idealogy, common sense and direction.”

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