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Nine Holiday-Inspired Sex Positions To Try This Weekend

We don’t just have a long holiday before us, the cold weather serves as an added encouragement to try out certain sex positions that will make this weekend unforgettable for some time to come!

So, starting from this night, try out these sex positions for the holiday blast!

All I want for the holidays: Face one another while sitting flat on the bed or floor and place your hands behind you for support. Get closer so that you can slide inside while the receptive partner throws their feet/ankles atop the penetrative partner’s shoulders.

Stuffing: Here, one partner sits on the ground cross-legged. The other straddles atop so that they’re face-to-face and leans back, allowing the first partner to be in charge of the ‘stuffing’ motion.

All fours: One partner gets down on all fours and lowers the upper body down toward the mattress so that their butt it high up in the air. The other approaches from behind and rubs the buttocks while applying a light spanking to their naughty lover.

Dining room tryst: One partner sits on the side of the table with the legs bent and feet flat against the edge. The other climbs in-between their legs.

The rider: This position requires a set of stairs. One partner gets down on their knees and rests their hands two stairs up. The other partner enters from behind from three steps below as you rock together in perfect rhythm.

Reindeer style: This is just like doggy style, only so much more festive.

The caress: This is a great position in which you sit on your man’s lap like an excited lady that you are!

Cosy spoon sex in front of TV: Nothing in this world is better than cosy spoon sex while curled up before the TV.

Play the Ludo game: Only in this version of the game, the loser must remove an article of clothing. Then, just keep playing until you’re both in the nude, and then you’ll realise there really are no “losers” here!

The bottom line: Take the opportunity to experiment. You can start small by trialling some new sex positions. Whatever you decide, take it slow and enjoy discovering new things.

You must both be comfortable with what you intend to do and should discuss the boundaries that you have.
Spend time exploring one and other’s bodies with hands, tongues and lips.

Ask each other what you want to do to them and remember that lovemaking is as much emotional and mental as it is physical so exciting the mind will lead to better sexual experiences.

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