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Not Again, President Buhari May Return Back To London

President, Muhammadu Buhari, who returned to the country on Saturday, August 19, may have to travel back to the United Kingdom soon, according to his spokesman, Femi Adesina.

Recall that Femi Adesina had some days ago announced the scheduled arrival of the Nigerian president from the UK after his extended medical vacation.

Femi Adesina while speaking on Monday during a Channels TV Programme, Sunrise Daily, revealed that the Nigerian President may have to return to UK for medical check ups soon.

The disclosure comes after the president failed to address his health challenges in the 6-minute long address to Nigerians.

Femi Adesina while speaking during the programme said: “What Nigerians should hope for is that our president will remain whole.”

He continued: “But if there is any reason to go out why not, you need to first stay alive before you can lead a country.

“So whatever it takes for our president to remain healthy should be done, but we want to hope and believe that the worst is over.”

Femi Adesina who later took to his Facebook page to reveal that the president had written to the National Assembly to resume his role as the nation’s leader further stated during the programme, “They don’t have to read it or debate it, no. What the Constitution requires is for him to send it. Once it is sent he assumes office.”


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  1. Yes he will go back he just came for visit, mumu man who can not look after his life because of power nd to kill lnnocent people who want dere freedom, are u GOD by forcing human being to one why we are not one before GOD in anyway, British is d cause of all this rubbish by joining animals and human being to be one but can not be well to British

  2. conduct referendum before going back besides nigerian is not my country so if he wants he can remain in london till world end

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