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OPINION: The King Of Omuma And His Little Admirer 

By Joshua Obinna 

Meet him, Eze.  Barr. Onyekachi Amaonwu, (JP) the Eze Eberi the ix  of Eberi Ancient Kingdom our Traditional Ruler And Chairman of Omuma  traditional Council of Chiefs.

A kind hearted man full of passion for humanity,  in one of the events,  he attended,  this little  Child in great awe and admiration stood in front of him for minutes and concentrated her eyes on his majesty.

I wonder what was going on in the child’s mind,  I guess it was the Kings Royal regalia or his demeanor.  It must have really been amazing to her. Despite entreaties by her elder to keep moving,  the child refused until the King called her,  blessed her and took a photograph with her.  

Not just the kids, At times,  we all get amazed and attracted to persons and things and we just stand to admire them, the other time, we are just the subject of admiration.  I pray we would be understanding just as the King of Omuma was. 

Nothing would definitely go out of you if you sign an autograph or pose for a photograph. It means nothing but to the other,  it is worth millions. So why not give it and make them happy. 

Spread the happiness. Life’s good.

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