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PHOTO : David Beckham Signs Autograph On Girl’s Buttock, Incurs Wife’s Wrath

A simple act of signing his world famous autograph on a fan’ s bum shorts has angered Victoria , wife of highly rated footballer, David Beckham.

Beckham was pictured on Sunday signing the girl’ s bottom in Kernville , California , when he stopped to rest during a road trip , Mail has reported .

His love of partying is also said to be driving a wedge between him and his wife of 18 years , Victoria .

Enjoying a spot of ‘ guy time ’ away from family, the 42-year -old hunk had pulled over at a hardware store during his motorcycle road trip with a mate, when he was faced with the cheeky request .

Proving that his global fan base can spot him anywhere , David was approached for an autograph on the side of the road.

He kindly obliged , sitting on the side of his motorcycle and leaning in as the lady turned round and offered her hip .

The heavily-tattooed fan was minimally dressed for the heat in thigh- skimming Daisy Dukes bum shorts jeans and a vest top rolled up to her mid section .

It’ s done nothing to dispel rumours that David and his wife -of -18- years, Victoria , are growing apart.

New reports on Sunday morning suggested that they have built separate ‘ his and hers’ wings into their £5m converted farmhouse .

The claims suggest that David’ s love of partying is driving a wedge between the couple and the designs will put further physical distance — an estimated 50 yards — between them , too .

The Chipping Norton , Oxfordshire home has been created from three barns and the living quarters are said to be separated by a gallery .

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