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PHOTOS : Again! Another Tennis Superstar Athlete Goes Nude For ESPN

After Serena Williams covered nude for Vanity fair magazine another tennis superstar athlete, Caroline Wozniacki is one of the athletes who’s stripping down for ESPN the Magazine’s 2017 Body Issue .

The 26-year-old Danish tennis star is featured on one of the covers, jumping into the air with her tennis racket as she reveals her toned abs, arms and legs.

She has one of the best bodies in the world—one that’s helped her win

championships —but even she has to shut out the negative thoughts in her head when it comes to her appearance.

“I’ve realized that I can’t spend time stressing about something I don’t have and just embrace what I do have,” she told the publication. “It’s so in to have curves now. It’s in to be looking healthy. If I don’t look like a supermodel on the runway, that’s OK because I look good in my own way.”

She recalled, “I was always really skinny until I hit puberty. As a girl coming into a woman, that time is always a little bit frightening. At one point I was like, ‘Are they changing the clothes sizes or am I getting bigger?’…I think being in the public eye and getting judged for everything you do and however you look, I think that helped me as well. Just saying, ‘You know what? People will have an opinion. Some people will love you; some people will not.'”

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