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Queen of England tests positive for coronavirus

Her Majesty the Queen of England has tested positive to Coronavirus, although she’s show no symptoms of weakness at the moment as we hear she’s in good Condition! But the Nonagenarian Mama would not take chances at all as she’s gone into Isolation at Windsor!! Who wants to die Young!!..

This didn’t come as a surprise to many becos Boris Johnson the UK Prime Minister who also tested Positive to Covid 19 went to see she recently after her son Prince Charles 71 had tested positive for the virus!!

Meanwhile staffs within the palace have also submitted themselves for test as to know their status! The Queen’s Husband the Quiet Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh has being in Isolation for a long period of time even before this Coronavirus saga as he’s hardly seen around due to his ailing health! He would be 99 years old come June the 10th..

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