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US Presidential Race: Hillary’s Victory Rises In Opinion Polls

President Barak Obama’s first one year in office as the 44th American President got him an approval rating of about 40 – 50% from Gallup, a renown American public opinion poll. Based on this premise analysts are of the view that either positively or negatively, Obama will have an effect in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential race.

This analysis is sure playing out affirmative as BlueNEWS gathered the responses of 57,000023 people within Nigeria and the result will wow you. Most respondents were lackadaisical, we expected it so it didn’t come as a surprise to us. The first four responses we got became our basis in choosing the options for our research question.

The question was “If You’re To Vote At The  8, November 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Who Will Be Your Candidate?”.

The first four responses we got were:

1.Trump   2.Hillary   3.Third Party   4.Not My Business

At the end of our survey, responses from 57,000023 persons were gotten with
Trump scoring – 21,375,007 votes, Hillary scored – 23,750,008 votes, and some persons were of the opinion that Trump and Clinton are just overrated, and they will rather go for a third party candidate, we got 7,125,005 people with this opinion.

Meanwhile some were like, “I don’t know these Americans, I’ve not even voted in a Nigerian election, you’re coming to ask me about that of America; this category’s response was – 4,750,003. With this data, Clinton smashed Trump with a whooping 2,375,001 votes.

Currently on Telegraph’s Presidential Poll tracker the Republican nominee has seen Clinton get ahead again after he last pulled ahead of his Democrat rival in May 19, 2016.

If Clinton is supported by big democrats states such as California, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois, then victory is sure for her because they have a large number of electoral college votes.

But States like Ohio, Virginia, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina have the power to swing the election, and neither Hillary nor Trump has a significant lead in these states; could this be where the Third Party candidates could get a chance, we doubt seeing the huge chances of Hillary influenced by Obama.

Our  poll continues… vote below…


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