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Web Expert Jude Anyanwu Comes After Musicians Who Make Silly Comments About Bloggers

Jude Anyanwu (CEO iPage Technologies)

Web expert Jude Anyanwu also called Webgod has lambasted musicians who are fund of making ill comments about the efforts of bloggers in promoting their works. In a facebook post the IPAGE Technology Boss said:

To those angry that bloggers ain’t working to their taste except they get paid,

1. You have to work to that level where you become NEWS WORTHY, then bloggers will find their ways to your bedroom to give you coverage as long as it will give them additional traffic and relevance

2. Do you know how much it costs to maintain a hosting account annually? Do you know how much data is being used on weekly basis?

3. That producer that cooked your song, why don’t you accuse him of same crime you accuse the bloggers of? Or…wait! Na blogger send you to go do music? What if all the bloggers decide to change niche and switch to blogging about only movies or sports cos totally free music blogging doesn’t help them maintain their hosting platforms.

See ehn, before you accuse any blogger of any thing at all, accuse whoever sent you to do music for not starting a blog that can promote you indefinitely all at no cost.

Remember, for any blogger to carry your matter for head, YOU MUST BE NEWS WORTHY if not, you must cheat by paying (cash or goodWill) to be news Worthy.

Have I tampered with your anger hormones yet?

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