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Why I Stormed Nri Kingdom, IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu Reacts

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra , Nnamdi Kanu, in an interview with journalists said he did not curse the Nri Kingdom of Anambra State. 
He said “I couldn ’ t possibly curse where I come from . People have this meaningless and senseless dichotomy all over the place – Imo, Anambra , Abia , Ebonyi . Before Abia State was created, I came from Imo State . Before Imo State was created , we were all from East- Central . Is that not correct ? And before that , where were we ? So I cannot answer an identity or a name given to me by somebody in Lagos or in Abuja . Only a dog can do that. I reject the compartmentalisation of my identity or its restriction to only Abia State . I am a Biafran . I speak Igbo language . Anambra State is part of Biafra and the capital of Biafra for that matter because they are the first son . If Anambra doesn ’ t ( boycott the) election on the 18th of November, the glory of the Most High God will depart from them . I didn ’ t curse them . I asked them to wake up and rise up to their responsibility as the head of not just Igboland but Biafra and they must do that and vindicate us come the 18th of November 2017.”
When asked if he is not flouting a court order by granting interviews to journalist the IPOB Leader said “You ( journalists ) asked me a question. Do you suggest I should ignore you ? I am replying you . That is what I am doing. I am not giving an interview, I am responding to the question you asked me . The judge is a very learned fellow . She cannot stop me from speaking . Buhari and the DSS have been in multiple breach of court order after court order . I wish you can go to the DSS and ask Daura, what is his name? Lawal whatever his name is , the DSS Director General , why doesn ’ t DSS obey court orders ? They are the ones flouting the court orders . It ’ s not me . What I am doing is entirely legal. You ask me a question and I respond because if I keep quiet , you see me as a very arrogant fellow.

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