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Why Live Band Entertainment In Nigeria Needs Revolution 

One great aspect in the art of music is a performance with a band, be it a live performance for an audience or for recording purposes, the feel is usually original and off the conventional, and at such every miming music artiste craves to have a band performance someday, if not for anything, atleast to prove how professional a performer he can be. 

Mavy 10 of “D Revolution Band” Performing His Own Piece.

In Nigeria bands are synonymous with Churches unlike western countries where every music label, club, public hospitality places has a band, although this Africa’s most populous country has gradually been influenced by this nature, relaxation spots now maintain the band style of entertainment, either a full band or a one man show, where a keyboardist program beats on his keyboard and plays the keys as he sings along for relaxation of the listener.

Instrumentalists Of “D Revolution Band” During A Performance

But unlike the regular recording artistes with a celebrity lifestyle, endorsements and admiration of many who then are referred to as fans; the band artiste in Nigeria are less regarded and has no celebrity status, whereas they do the same job as the former.

D Revolution Band Of Nigeria During A Performance

This is mainly as a result of how they(the band artistes) carry and present themselves. Many a times one comes acrosses these guys and you’ll find it difficult to rate them the way you’ll rate the 2face Idibia, D’banj, Burna Boy, Timaya and what have you.

Timaya Spotted With “D Revolution Band” CEO Sambass

They are mostly good at the art, but the packaging identity and carriage that attracts the paparazzi which usually accompanies the everyday celebrity lifestyle is what they often lack.

Every venture has what it can be identified as, those that do stand out to the core, and one of such is “D Revolution Band” Of Nigeria

Watch A Performance By Mavy 10 of “D Revolution Band” below:

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