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World Day For Decent Work 2016-NLC Demands Review Of N18,000 Minimum Wages

Workers around the world every October 7 take action to #End Corporate Greed, calling companies and governments to account for attacks on workers’ rights and living standards and an end to huge and growing economic inequality, on the World Day for Decent Work.

As the 2016  edition of  World Day for Decent Work is being observed across the world, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has reiterated its call for tax justice, demanding a review of N18,000 minimum wages; and an end to corporate greed.

NLC President, Comrade Ayuba Wabba at a press briefing on Friday in Abuja, to commemorate the 2016 World Day for decent work, with theme:  ‘End to Corporate Greed’, called for a decent work with an improve welfare for Nigerian workers, saying, “Today billions of wealth has been stolen, we must put an end to corporate greed. Only the poor pay tax in Nigeria and our elite do not pay tax, so we demand for tax justice. Every citizen must pay appropriate tax as provided by law, workers alone cannot be paying tax. The inequality gap between the rich and poor has continued widened.

“Comrades, it’s a day that Nigerian workers join their colleagues around the world to mark ‘work decent day’ let us collectively end corporate greed’s, let there be equality for share prosperity, while should few accumulate more than necessary and make us poor.”

According to him, while the Workers around the world create the wealth of the world, “what are the conditions of workers that created this wealth? It is an issue of today as we mark the Work Decent Work day.

“Our political elite and corporations around the world must end corporate greed’s, because there must be share prosperity; there have to be equality. The days we have laboured in the pass is been eroded.

“In the past we took it for levity that a labourer is worthy of his wages, it’s now a challenge to humanity, workers can no more meet the demand of their families, they cannot send their children to decent schools and decent life, we comrades must continue to canvass for issues that will improve the welfare and life of Nigerian workers.

“The world has accumulated unprecedented accumulation of wealth. Those workers that have remain in abject poverty, the conditions of workers around the world is nothing to write home about, we are all aware that Nigeria content, salaries and pensions are not paid as at when due, gratuities are not paid in some state for more than fifteen years, therefore is a situation that canvas us to continue to engage for decent work.

“Issues of professional health and safety have been brought to the background; cumulative of any agreement has not been respected. The N18,000 minimum wages is less than 38dollars, it can no longer take us home.”

Mr. Peter Ozo-Ezan, Secretary General, NLC, he said, “today we are picketing organisations found of engaging in outsourcing and actualization, to ensure the goal of attaining decent work in our country will be held bringing an end to these issues.

“Particularly, today in Lagos some of this organisations are taking advantage of economy situation, because of the huge unemployment people accept job almost under any condition and they are been exploited.

“For instance, there are establishments where people are on casual work for some period and when it is getting to six months, so as to comply with the law, they disengage and reengage them again.”

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