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You Lied, My Father Never Visited You, Stop Disrespecting Him, Ojukwu Jnr Blast Buhari 

Odumegwu Ojukwu’s first son, Emeka Ojukwu Jnr said president Muhammadu Buhari lied against his late father when he said Ojukwu visited him in Daura, and they both agreed that Nigeria must be united. 

Ojukwu Jnr said it is a lie from the pit of hell because Ojukwu never made mention of such visit or agreement to any member of the family, he warned Buhari to leave the name of his father out of whatever he is doing.

This was contained in an email sent to Blue News by Emeka Ojukwu Jnr, Tuesday morning as a reply to our inquiry on the issue.

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  1. For sure Ojukwu did not visit buhari

  2. Wow! Loving this,like father like son

  3. ofcause, we all know that the pedophiles buhari is a great lier as old as he is. what a fraud from him.

  4. Nnamochie daluoo I knew it, how can Odumegwu, Ikemba of the world visits buhari, Ikemba was buharis senior in the military, coming to wealth and education no where you can compare him with buhari, Buhari we need your apology

  5. As old as Buhari he still living a life full of lies….am sorry for him National liar….

  6. Wow…interesting! Am jst loving this

  7. Wat do u expect wen lie Mohammed is d minister of information to Buhari.

  8. Am just wondering why should Ojukwu belittle himself to visit Buhari in a little known town of Duara to discuss Nigerian unity. Buhari lied against Ojukwu, the truth has been vindicated, Ojukwu and Buhari are not on the same academic pedestal. Ojukwu was an Oxford trained graduate, Buhari is not. Ojukwu was a graduate soldier, Buhari was not. Ojukwu like Azikiwe, Nelson Mandela, mahatma Ghandi etc was a charismatic leader, Buhari is not. Ojukwu growing up enjoyed life as a silver spoon kid, Buhari did not. During the war, while Ojukwu was a general, Buhari was a lieutenant. If Buhari claimed that he had an agreement with Ojukwu that Nigeria will one, why was there no press release after the so called meeting? Did Ojukwu secretly travel to Duara without informing members of his family? How can the two of them discuss issues bothering on Nigeria’s unity without involving other ethnic groups that made up Nigeria? At the time he (Buhari) claimed to have had the meeting with Ojukwu both of them were not leaders of any of the two ethnic groups of igbo and hausa. Simply put,Ojukwu was one of the opinion leaders of the East and Buhari represents same in the North. Non of them can take decision for their regions without involvement or support of other leaders or the masses. So Buhari goofed to have claimed that he had agreement with Ojukwu that Nigeria will remain one, with obvious reference to the fact that Igbos will remain part of Nigeria. This is a clear case of me an igbo man inviting Alhaji Umaru my hausa friend or leader as the case may be to my home town and after a lengthy discussion on Nigeria’s way forward, we agreed that federalism is the best system for Nigeria. Some years later i became the president of Nigeria, as a result of my bad policies that put the north in a disadvantaged position they started to protest against it and calling for division of the country and i quickly reminded them of the private meeting i had with the late umaru,one of their own, which they are not aware of, that they must remain part of Nigeria.

  9. I knew Sai baba framed it up…his brain needs to be re-examined….maybe amnesia has joined the list of his numerous sicknesses….thanks bro (Ojukwu Jnr)…you are a true soon of your father…a true Biafran…. Remain blessed.

  10. Franklin innocent

    Na British concortion dey cause all this wahala. I hail u ojukwu jnr.

  11. It is high time you guys knew a fake news and a genuine news, Emeka said Buhari lied……lol, he did not mention this to any member of his family…..Lol, chai, see peopel buying this fake news. The owner of this site just threw a bone to the dog. Read the news below and be informed

    Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, yesterday visited the presidential candidate of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), General Muhammadu Buhari, in Daura, with a pledge to forge a common front with him to fight for justice and a better Nigeria.

    Ojukwu, the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the just concluded presidential election, told hundreds of well wishers who welcomed him to Buhari’s Daura home that the visit was aimed at ensuring a more united and greater nation.

    Urging Nigerians to be resolute in the defence of democracy and the enthronement of justice, Ojukwu said his alliance with the ANPP presidential candidate would ensure a spirit of cooperation between the people of the South-East and the North.

    Also speaking at the occasion, Buhari’s running mate in the election, Senator Chuba Okadigbo, urged Nigerians to be firm and committed to the enthronement of democracy.

    He explained that the delegation which comprised political leaders from the South-East was in Daura to consult with General Buhari on the way forward and to ensure that justice prevails.

    According to him, the ANPP presidential team will soon take over Aso Rock.

    The delegation had a private lunch and held discussion with Buhari. Those in the team include: ANPP gubernatorial candi-date in Kaduna State, Suleiman Hunkuyi, Senator-elect, Kanti Bello and a former Health Minister, Dr. Tim Menakaya.

    Responding, General Buhari thanked Nigerians for their support during the elections but said Ojukwu’s visit was a private one.

    Dim Ojukwu later in the day met with members of the Igbo community in Daura and told them they should mobilise to make sure that justice is done.

    He and his host are expected in Abuja today where the ANPP flag bearer is expected to go to file a petition at the Appeal Court for the nullification of the results of the April 11 presidential polls.

    Source: All Africa

  12. I wonder how, when and why should the late hero did that.

  13. The real reasons behind Buhari’s fabrication of lies against the dead is to hold onto the Igbos.Keep them in perpetual slavery and finally to Islamise them.If by commission or ommission Ojukwu entered into an agreement with you Buhari,without the consent of his family and Igbo’s in general in his death it has become null and void.The new generation is charting a new course to their destiny and it is better they are allowed earlier before it’s too late.

  14. You have show the hole world you are a big lie shame to you Buhari.

  15. PaulonyinyechukwuIkemu

    When i heard the news that president PMB had an agreement with Late Lt.Col Chukwuemeka Odumegu Ojukwu,Ikemba 1 of Nnewi,Eze gburugburu Ndi-Igbo over oneness of Nigeria, I can’t stop or control my laughter; but later i realized that PMB’s brain were formatted n what he could remembered was Biafran’s tension against his administration n he mentioned late Ojukwu’s name thinking he could won our heart,but thank God that late Ikemba’s memory can’t be forgotten so soon without his son shutting up the mouthpiece of dt old liar…Well says that it’s good for a wind to blow in order to see fowl yass.

  16. He’s politically manipulated to come and voice out refutal. Were you following your father to everywhere then? How old were you then? Who has ever heard of you before now? Where you not supposed to be acting in the place of Kalu if you were courageous and man enough? Enjoying senior jokes. D Princess has spoken.

  17. Liar mohamade lineage. Am not surprised

  18. Abeg make i pass, you dey follow you father go eny where him go

  19. Princess Esuku Dickson !!! Are you with yourself ? What rubbish you are talking about. A man of about 55 years of age is not a kid.Dim Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu always relates whatever transpired between himself and and other person or persons to his family.If you don’t know what to say, you better keep your mouth shut.

  20. true talk nna , we know say Ikemba 1 did not have anything discussing with Buhari

  21. Am short of word,presidential lie,corrupt and bad government. I hail you ,OJUKWU jnr.God bless you.what we need is Biafra for now,since there’s no restructuring. That’s all

  22. You people are so full of yourselves. What’s special about a cowardly runaway soldier? Rubbish.

  23. No mind am you when dey use only pant dey run for street dat time know waitin dey happen ?dey dere dey open ur wide mouth dey call person liar

  24. Didn’t Ojukwi join NPN upon his return from exile? The party of the oppressors?? So why can’t he visit Buhari? Stupid people, better start thinking for yourselves and your families!!!

  25. Buhari thought he can make a headway with this cheap lie.

    Even if Ojukwu visited you and spent two day in your house so far nobody knew about it, it wasn’t official it was just a friend visit because we never sent him since he never informed us before visiting you and the outcome of the visit. And that is none our business.

    Even if such happened with the rate of Marginalisation against the Igbos we hereby opt out of such agreement.

    You had such agreement with him, but you never respected the agreement with the rate of Marginalisation and hatred on us by the same you.

    What do you take us for? Like the same bunch of Illiterates as your brethren?
    Next time check your lie from all perspectives before airing them.

    Get wise stop being primitive!

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